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Shortly after launching TShirtonomy in 2013 I put together a list of the 10 most influential t-shirt blogs. In that post ‘influence’ was measured by website traffic, plus social media following. That was a year and a half ago, which is equivalent to 1,000 interweb years. So, I’ve decided it’s time for an update; the top 10 t-shirt blogs of 2014.

This time around I’m using SimilarWeb to get approximate traffic stats as not all sites are listed on Buy Sell Ads. And, I’ve decided to be a bit stricter on which sites I’ve considered for this list. For instance, each site considered shall have regularly updated editorial content, not just automatically posted product images and links. I’m also not including major t-shirt retailers that have a bolt-on blog. So, without further ado, let’s get started with the top tshirt blogs (in my opinion) of 2014!


I must confess, when I first started TShirtonomy, TeeHunter used to get under my skin. It seemed like every time I created a new list post, the following week an almost identical post showed up on TeeHunter. I even called them out on it a couple of times on Twitter.

However, I’ve since come to appreciate them as a strong, and perhaps my most direct competitor. And I have to give it up to them, this year they have really diversified their content and taken their game up a notch. They are focusing on covering all things pop culture, and do a lot of giveaways, which looks to have been good traffic driving, and social media following tactics. They’ve also recently launched a new Youtube series, which has given me a kick in the ass to get my own finally started.

Big props Sergiu and Andreea at TeeHunter, you guys inspire me and keep me on my toes.

Est. monthly website visits: 110,000
Facebook fans: 6,804
Twitter followers: 4,811


Hide Your Arms


Hide Your Arms is one of the old timers of the t-shirt blog scene. Andy and his team have been at it for years and have shown no signs of slowing down. Posts range from new design announcements, to reviews, new brand reveals, and they are very accommodating to the community allowing anyone to submit news.

I have always admired Andy’s honesty in his comments that he appends to brand supplied press release type posts, as well as calling out a less than spectacular design when he sees one!

My only less than positive comment about HYA is that the site is plastered in ads, big ads. I guess it’s a good money spinner but it looks a bit over-done in my opinion.

HYA could probably rest on Andy’s reputation in the industry alone, it does not however. Its furious pace, publishing numerous posts per day, and its service to the tee community keeps Hide Your Arms at the top of t-shirt blog lists.

Est. monthly website visits: 75,000
Facebook fans: 6,206
Twitter followers: 6,263


T-Shirt Magazine


The T-Shirt Magazine pumps out some great, and in-depth content, including interviews, lookbook reviews, and kickstarter announcements.

It is very well presented, which matters when you’re talking about design. It’s big, bold, and makes great use of white space. It is probably the best designed of all the blogs featured here.

I used to feel like the site revolved around promoting and selling their book / ebook about launching a t-shrit brand (which I’ve been meaning to buy and review for some time!), but it has definitely evolved into much more.

T-Shirt magazine may be the standard, in terms of design and content presentation, for new and existing blogs to reach for.

Est. monthly website visits: 100,000
Facebook fans: 249
Twitter followers: 8,021


Tshirt Factory Blog


Another beautifully presented blog. Now, I know I said I would not include any retailer sites with bolt-on blogs. However, the Tshirt Factory Blog are the exception for a couple of reasons. For one, they post a massive amount of great content, and unlike other retailer blogs, they do not focus exclusively on the artists and products they sell in their own store.

This is a blog with content that stands up on its own, its obvious the crew at TShirt Factory are putting a lot of effort into the blog, a very worthy inclusion.

Est. monthly website visits: 40,000
Facebook fans: 11,760
Twitter followers: 2,997




The latest iteration of the Cottonable blog looks more like a Pinterest board or Tumblr site than a traditional blog. But on closer inspection, many posts contain a decent amount of content. The most useful and ‘blog-like’ posts include DIY guides, and mini t-shirt reviews. On the other hand there are many posts that are pretty much just a product picture, one sentence description. and a link to buy.

The site looks very nice, and is very product-centric. I do believe there is room for improvement, for example if they just put a little more work into the text based content, better and more in-depth descriptions for example.

They seem to have gone AWOL of-late also, with no new posts since late October. Hopefully they’ll be right back!

Est. monthly website visits: 30,000
Facebook fans: 2,412
Twitter followers: 102,000




There are two non-English language blogs in this list, Grafitee is the first. You may wonder why I chose to include non-English language blogs, my reason is pretty simple. You can still see the beautiful product pictures and appreciate the t-shirt porn without understanding their comments. If you really wanted to, you could learn French, or use a dodgy language translator like Google Translate, but I’m not that concerned.

I really like how product-centric this blog is. There are no ads, ad the site navigation, header and footer is extremely minimal, swoon! Unfortunately this is another site that has been quite since later October. Maybe I need to get on a plane to France and deliver a motivational speech! Any excuse to visit France, right?

Est. monthly website visits: 25,000
Facebook fans: 6,933
Twitter followers: 1,916




Shirthunters is the second non-English language blog in this list, this time a German t-shirt blog. This minimal design must be a European trend, as these guys are also rocking it. The site features lots of big, beautiful product images that grab your attention. Their tag line is ‘your daily t-shirt blog’ (oddly enough, this part is in English) and they appear to be staying true to that, with at least one new post per day as far as I can see, sometimes multiple.

Shirthunters is part of the Vice content network, I don’t know what, if any impact that has on the site, but as a big fan of Vice, that seems impressive.

Est. monthly website visits: 15,000
Facebook fans: 3,748
Twitter followers: 3,489




Compete-Tee-Tion (that’s alot of dashes in a domain name, but then again I created, so who am I to comment!) is a blog that focuses on the world of t-shirt design competirions, as well as featuring new designs and promotions from the major t-shirt comp sites such as Threadless, Shirt Woot,
RIPT etc.

As you can imagine covering this aspect of the t-shirt industry requires frequent updates, and the site is up to the task. I really appreciate the amount of text content in each post, which in my opinion is often the hardest part of ‘blogging’ – anyone can throw up beautiful stock photos everyday, but it takes a lot of time and effort to write something unqiue and interesting with each post.

Compete-Tee-Tion is a must-read for designers chasing that fat design comp loot!

Est. monthly website visits: 5,000
Twitter followers: 1,492




I Love Your TShirt is quite a unique site. The site logo is right aligned, there are left and right sidebars, and it almost feels like it is made out of Plasticine. I’m all for unqiue though, I couldn’t imagine anything worse than all sites looking the same.

When ILoveYourTShirt actually publishes new content, it is typically well presented with a good amount of text accompanying. The problem is, of late anyway, there has been a lack of new posts.

ILoveYourTShirt gets the distinct honor of being the only site linking to a Myspace profile – never forget!

Est. monthly website visits: 4,000
Facebook fans: 2,112
Twitter followers: 4,461




In the name of completeness and transparency, I always include my own site, TShirtonomy, and the end of these lists. And let’s not forget, it’s a pretty bitchin’ site! 2014 has been a good year for TShirtonomy, but I’m planning even more for 2015, which is about all I can say at this stage, but stay tuned!

Est. monthly website visits: 50,000
Facebook fans: 7,920
Twitter followers: 840


I hope each site listed continues to improve and prosper in 2015, there are plenty of t-shirt designs, designers, and brands to sustain us all.
Good luck to each, and also to those that didn’t make this list.

Till the 2015 update!

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