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You remember the guy: rather slow, easily distracted, always down for a cuddle and starving for a honey fix. He’s portly and has a positive outlook on life, even through all its confusions.

But it’s been years. Perhaps a decade or two. Between creeping on high school classmates’ Facebook photos and work histories, you might’ve wondered how everyone’s favorite teddy bear has fared after all this time.

Arttee Apparels artist Queen Bee has done an excellent job in putting her edgy spin on the children’s classic, adapting Pooh for a tasteful older audience–a version of the bear that’s truly unique.

pooh tshirt

Pooh is grizzled, with an expression that’s rather hard to read: what’s he thinking as he gazes at us through just one eye? Is he hinting at something sinister, or simply passing a sly look, keeping a private joke to himself in typical, koan-like Pooh fashion?

Colors: Light Gray
Sizes: S – XL
Price: $18.90
Artist: Queen Bee

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Pooh T-Shirt Review Joseph Sutton

Summary: The design's large placement on the shirt begs for it to be seen, and the slick, colorful glaze of the honey stands in excellent contrast to the meticulous fur and detail on Pooh's face. This shirt is a great twist on an iconic figure, and we couldn't be happier to wear him. Buy Now


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