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“But the beating grew louder, louder! I thought the heart must burst.” Keep Poe close to your tell-tale heart with this startling and unsettling tee designed by Megan Mitchell from the University of Massachusetts Dartmouth.

A contest winner from College Shirt Contest, the design features the stoic face of Poe, gazing past the viewer as his hairline dissolves into a horizon of flocking ravens. Its design pulls off an interesting style; it’s fluid, inked look combines with the cross-hatching well for a classic feel.

And it’s wildly surreal, befitting the master of horror himself.

Poe T-Shirt

Colors: Grey
Sizes: XS – 3XL
Price: $19.95
Artist: Megan Mitchell from University of Massachusetts Dartmouth

Poe’s character is expertly captured by Mitchell–those eyes!–while giving the wearer a taste of what lurks in the iconic author’s subconscious.

Get your Poe T-Shirt here.
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Poe T-Shirt Review Joseph Sutton

Summary: It'd have been preferable if the shirt were available in other colors; while the monochrome, gray look certainly works, a little choice and variety can only help. Imagine Poe against a blood red, or an inverted palette giving off a lighting-struck look. But all in all, this is a solid image that Poe and horror fans alike will enjoy. Buy Now


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