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Next up in the interview hot seat is the one and only (or is that three and only?) robotrobotROBOT. We’ve featured his designs in our Star Trek T-Shirt list, and have also reviewed his awesome Yellow Submarine tee. He gave me fair warning that his answers may be “very silly”, and I don’t think he disappointed on that front! Judge for yourself, here’s our entertaining interview with robotrobotROBOT:

How would you introduce yourself and your art to people who may not familiar with you?

I would shake them firmly by the hand and stare them straight in the eye. My grip would tighten until it became uncomfortable and I would continue to stare as if trying to bore a hole directly into their soul. I would resist all their attempts to extricate their hands and instead would squeeze harder until I could feel the bones in their hand grind against each other. Then I would say “Hey you, look me in the art!”.

How did you get started designing t-shirts?

Many years ago I used to play bass in a band. Myself and the singer were driving to a gig when we both decided to look for a CD to listen to. I looked in the door pocket on my side of the car while the singer looked in the door pocket on his side. Now at this point you may have noticed that in this scenario neither of us seem to be looking at the road. I guess it was pretty inevitable that the car veered off course and we crashed into a wall. Someone saw us crash and called the police who arrived a few minutes later. Neither of us were seriously hurt but the car was a complete wreck. One of the police officers asked us where we were headed and we told him about the gig we were supposed to be playing. He and his partner walked a short distance away and had a quick conversation. They came back and to our delight said they would help us get there. We took our guitars out of the wrecked car, got in the back of the police car and were driven too the gig! We played a few hours later and had one of the best gigs we had played in a long time.

And now I design t-shirts.

Ghostbusters To The Future T-Shirt

What inspires your work?

Panic and fear. Also desperation.

Can you give us any insight into your creative process?

There is a huge amount of pacing up and down involved and It’s not unusual for some gnashing of teeth to occur. When I am ready to design I first cover my entire body in ritual tattoos and then when all the candles are lit and placed around the sigil in the proper order, I begin throwing my mouse against the monitor. There’s nothing to it really.

Owen Lars Moisture Farm T-Shirt

Which is your favorite design of your own?

It’s very hard to choose a favourite. Each design is like a child too me. Unfortunately that means that I have over 350 children. To be honest, I’m knackered. I haven’t slept since 1872.

Which has been your most successful design to-date?

I would probably have to say the Bowie Knife. It is a design classic that has become truly iconic. Oh sorry…my most successful design? None.

Deathstar Grand Opening Party T-Shirt

Who are some of your favorite artists?

I love sausage. Or sausage and egg. Or sausage bacon and egg. But I think my all time favourite has to be hot pork with stuffing and gravy. Err…what? Sorry? Artists? Oh…no….sandwiches. Sorry.

What are some of your interests outside of art?

I have many varied and interesting…err…interests outside of art. I love nothing more than relaxing with a laptop. Sometimes I sit down. I have been known to surf the web. I like going online. You can find me quite often in my favourite chair. On weekends I like to look at websites. It’s a funny story but sometimes I use a laptop. Chair usage is a particular favourite of mine. The internet is cool. I shouldn’t really admit to this but oftentimes I just sit in a chair and browse the interwebs. I collect laptops. I have one.

42 T-Shirt

What are your vices?

I have two bench vices, a 3″ portable one and a 4″ fixed one. Additionally I have a 6″ table vice. Also crack.

Hypothetical dinner party, you and any two people, dead or alive, who do you choose?

Good question. However with the dead option I imagine there are rather a lot of moral dilemmas to deal with as well as the logistical problems. I am going to discount murder immediately. Don’t get me wrong I love a good dinner party but I feel needlessly taking lives is still too extreme. So maybe good old grave robbing? Unfortunately I have a bad back which is pretty much going to prevent me from digging. A hospital or medical university perhaps? The more I think about it the more I’m certain that I will choose the “alive” option. Yes. Alive please.

Lego Cube T-Shirt

Are you currently working on anything we should keep an eye out for?

I’m working on an eye re-insertion device.

Thanks Mr robotrobotROBOT, you successfully side-stepped most of the questions, but it was a lot of fun anyway!

Make sure you checkout all of robotrobotROBOT’s awesome designs at his RedBubble store here.

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