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Whether you’re revealing a new design to the world, or looking to increase exposure of your brand, getting featured on TShirtonomy means thousands of t-shirt-mad visitors drooling on their keyboards, throwing money at their screens, over your product!
Your options:

T-Shirt Reviews

Purpose: Introduce or boost exposure of one of your designs. Example t-shirt reviews here.
What you get: You have the opportunity to present your brand’s t-shirts to our audience, in a written 200-500 word review, with rich media images / video. The sponsored post must be unique and it must be reviewed before posting. This package is highly recommended for t-shirt brands seeking to spread the words and grab the eyeballs on a newly launched collection / campaign.
Cost: $49.99 (once off.)

Why TShirtonomy?

Quite simply, we’re already one of the most popular t-shirt sites on the web, and we’re also the fastest growing. We do reviews and brand pages better than anyone else, and due to our traffic you can expect much more bang for your buck. And, even though we’re a million times more awesome, we’re actually cheaper than our competitors!

Fun fact: while competing t-shirt sites are plastered with ads battling for visitor’s attention, we don’t display a single advertisement.
Result: people viewing your review or brand page won’t be distracted by ads and are more likely to interact with your content.

TShirtonomy Visitor Stats

Visitors: In December 2014, received 28,780 visitors, with 36,766 page views.
Demographics: 83% of visitors were aged between 18-34 years, 74% were male.
Geographics: The vast majority of visitors were from the United States, with the UK, Canada and Australia making up most of the rest.
Conversion: Visitors sent from TShirtonomy to external sites convert (buy) at 3.74%, with an average order value of $43.14.
As you can see, it will likely take just one or two orders to make your money back with a TShirtonomy feature.

How it works

Send us an email at artists[at] and we’ll get back to you.
Any questions? Please contact us.

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