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I live in Los Angeles, which is known for promoting healthy lifestyles. Granted, I’m not a vegan or vegetarian, but I do my best to eat healthy at times and exercise. But every once and a while, I like to get downright drunk. Smashed. Blotto. Shit-faced.

With St. Patrick’s Day right around the corner, most of us our turning our attention to the day where it is socially acceptable to push the boundaries of intoxication. As opposed to most days when we don’t give a damn what society thinks.

But being drunk is becoming more acceptable. Heck, it was the state many of us were in this past election season (and some after). We’ve got shows like Drunk History, in which sloshed folks attempt to re-enact great moments in history. We all know how many fights were begun by two drunk people debating history.

I must stress that no matter how much you drink you should always respect others, don’t destroy property and don’t drive. If you’re OK with all that, then I say you have every right to drink… well, unless, of course you’re in recovery. But if you can control when you lose control, then drink away!

We’re not living in Prohibition times (yet), so go on drink and be proud! To show off you pride in imbibing in alcohol, I’ve found some shirts. Drinking too much can’t be wrong if there’s t-shirts for it, right?

If you’re tired of explaining to others your views on booze, then let a t-shirt do it for you!

I Drink Beer


Get Yours Here

I Am Going to Drink Things Through


Get Yours Here

Beer Makes Everything Better


Get Yours Here

I Only Drink Wine


Get Yours Here

I Gave Up Thinking


Get Yours Here

Just Divorced


Get Yours Here

Weekend Forecast: Drinking


Get Yours Here

Get Rich or Drunk Trying


Get Yours Here

Designated Drunk


Get Yours Here

Now, having a little alcohol in you may make you do things you’ll later regret. If you know this upfront, why not announce it to the world? If you forewarn others, they’ll be fore-armed. And you may not have to do too much apologizing the next day.

Drunk Texter


Get Yours Here

Get Me Drunk and Enjoy the Show


Get Yours Here

I am Evil When I’m Drunk


Get Yours Here

You still may end apologizing the next day.

I’m Sorry For What I Said


Get Yours Here

But you’re not alone, there’s lots of people who like to drink along with you. Granted, most are animated characters, but hey, we’ve come a long way from Andy Capp.

Drunk Rhapsody


Get Yours Here



Get Yours Here

It’s even more fun to see cute, clean cut characters drunk. Like what if somebody slipped Mickey a mickey.

Drunk Mickey


Get Yours Here



Get Yours Here

Snowman Drinking


Get Yours Here

I’m a Drunk Unicorn


Get Yours Here

And just like how there are many types of drinks and drinkers, there’s are many types of drunk t-shirts.

Keep Calm and Get Drunk


Get Yours Here

Wines and Beer


Get Yours Here

Do Mimosas Count?


Get Yours Here

Are You Drunk?


Get Yours Here

And this St. Patrick’s Day, remember, Drunk Lives Matter.

St. Patrick’s Day Drunk Lives Matter


Get Yours Here

Drunk Lives Matter


Get Yours Here

I’ll close this with the immortal words of Homer Simpson, “To alcohol! The cause and solution to all our problems!”

Drunk Lives Matter


Get Yours Here

Or, you could get drunk on love. Check out: 28 LOVE T-Shirts. It’s All You Need!

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