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What is it about bad movies at this time of year? When Halloween rolls around, we could watch some of the best horror movies out there, or we can watch the absolute schlock. Probably because it’s more fun to watch schlock with your friends and make fun of it Mystery Science Theater 3000 style.

When it comes to celebrating bad movies in the theater, it’s almost certain that nothing will take the place of The Rocky Horror Picture Show. But if there is one movie that will rival the fun rock schlock: Repo! The Genetic Opera!

If you’ve never heard of Repo! The Genetic Opera, you’re not alone. It is a modern day cult classic. Like Rocky Horror, Repo! began as a theatrical musical. It was picked up by Lionsgate Films to be made into a movie. The end result was critical and box office death. But as with most horror movies, death is never the end.

Repo! took the cult world by storm. It began receiving midnight showings at smaller movie theaters. People would dress up as the colorful characters and shadow the film, again, like they do Rocky Horror.

The movie is about a futuristic society where organ failure run rapid. People go into great debt getting organ transplants, but when they can no longer pay for them, the money grubbing corporation, GeneCo sends in Repo Men to take back those organs. Meanwhile, those you are “addicted to the knife” take the drug Zydrate. One of the main characters, the GraveRobber digs up dead bodies to drain them of Zydrate.

Part of the story has to do about which of the GeneCo’s founder Rotti Largo’s children will inherit the family fortune. One of the potential benefactors is Amber Sweet, a rock star who is addicted to plastic surgery. Just when you thought this movie couldn’t get any worse, Amber is played by Paris Hilton. Yes, Paris Hilton.

But the person who is set to inherit this fortune is Rotti’s unrequited love Marni’s daughter, Shilo. Her dad, Nathan carries guilt over the death of his wife and is converted by Rotti to become Repo Man. Nathan is played by Anthony Stewart Head, who actually raised the quality of the movie.

As crappy movies go, this one at least creates a real cool world: the GraveRobber, Amber Sweet, Bling Mag, GeneCo, Zydrate and, of course, the Repo Men. And the soundtrack is good campy fun (“Things You See in a Graveyard” is a staple of my Halloween playlist).

So with all that cool stuff comes cool T-Shirts. Enjoy them before they get repossessed!

Repo! The Genetic Opera


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Genetic Repo Man


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Repo The Genetic Opera


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Take Zydrate


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Organ Theft Will Not Be Tolerated


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My Heart Belongs to GeneCo


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Legal Assassin


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This Will Be Quick


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Property of Graverobber


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Blind Mag


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The Graverobber


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No Sense in Girlish Dreaming


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Shilo Wallace


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Designer Heart


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Zydrate Anatomy


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Ask You Surgeon About Zydrate


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Come Up and Try My New Parts


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The Repo Men


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Do You Have What it Takes?


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Transformer Repo! Grave Robber


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