18 Donald Trump T-Shirts: Hail To The Chief

Either you love President-elect Trump and admire his business acumen, excited for the four years of strength and prosperity that are to come, or you hate the Donald and despise his sexist, homophobic, xenophobic, and elitist […]... Read More


18 Super Cool Frozen Shirts

Disney’s hit animated film, Frozen, came out in November 2013 (that’s right! almost three years old), but don’t tell me that it is not going stronger than ever.  People still love this movie.  Between the girl power, catchy music, […]... Read More


17 Supreme Doctor Strange Shirts

I was telling a friend the other night that this was the perfect time for a Doctor Strange movie. Not because of the advances in special effects and popularity of superhero movies, but because of Benedict […]... Read More

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