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Some like it hot, while others like it rotten. Introduce a little anarchy into your life with this pop art style t-shirt that gracefully merges blond bombshell Marilyn Monroe with the sinister villain The Joker.

The Hollywood sex symbols seemingly innocent glare is vexing, with an eerie, half-covered ear-to-ear grin to match. Marilyn’s sultry gaze is offset by her melting pale skin that runs down the t-shirt. Monroe’s seductive mystique fused with a bone-chilling Joker grin makes for a raw combination.

Down to the details, the enchanting design is a surefire way to rattle someone’s cage. The design combines keenly chosen features of the intriguing, notably mad icons – from Marilyn Monroe’s signature beauty mark and pale skin to the Joker’s fire engine red lips and emerald green hair. The mashup molds the perfect combination of iconic beauty and mischievous mayhem.

Some Like It Rotten T-Shirt

Colors: Choose
Sizes: Small – 3XL
Price: $23.83
Artist: Butcher Billy

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Some Like It Rotten T-Shirt Review Erika Carlock

Summary: The Joker’s signature green hair radiates against the t-shirt’s purple hue. But no matter the background color, no one will be able to take their eyes of the Monroe and Joker mashup’s sinister stare. Wherever you go, whether the heart of Hollywood or the streets of Gotham City this shirt will be a constant reminder to you asking, “Why so serious?”. Buy Now.


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